Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hello everyone and welcome to this month's wrap up.  I'm Candy Colwell, your creative cohort for this fun adventure into your imagination called "Triple Trouble" where I challenged you to take three completely unrelated elements and combine them into a piece of art.

The three elements were corrugated paper, lace and metal.  I have to say that everyone here at Creative Carte Blanche was completely blown away with EVERYONE'S art, including the samples presented by each of my Creative Carte Blanche cohorts.

Did you guys notice ALL of the different interpretations of this theme?  I never cease to be amazed by that because I truly believe that people create from their hearts and their imagination.  So, THANK each and every one of you for taking the time to share your wonderful art with everyone here!

Last but not least, it's my turn to share my interpretation of this theme with you.  My inspiration came from nature.  I am so loving the warmer temperatures and the rebirth of the flowers and trees after a long winter's nap.  The birds are returning and their sweet songs fill the air.  So ...

I used corrugated papers, laces and metal to create this sweet vintage scene sharing my joy of spring.  This piece has so much more dimension than this photograph shows. 

So hop on over to MY BLOG, grab a cup of hot tea or coffee, open a window and let the sounds of Spring fill the room as I share the complete pictorial tutorial with you.

Next month, Annette Green will be offering up a new art adventure for all of us!  I can't wait to see what she's conjured up in that creative brain of hers!  Stay tuned ... 


  1. Ah, Candy. This is just AMAZING! I love bird and bird themed art. This hits all my heart strings!! The Emily-Dickenson-goodness is over the top! Off to your blog to bask in your always awesome creative tutorial!

  2. A STUNNING piece Candy, such a wonderful finale to this month! Wonderful elements put together in the most beautiful way!

  3. Absolutely beautiful candy ... i can almost hear the birds singing from here! Big hugs xxx

  4. I have been over to see this, it is a jaw-dropping piece of art!! xxx

  5. Candy, this is gorgeous! Your colors are so rich and balanced with the cardboard. Love how you created the bird house!

  6. A truly beautiful Awesome piece.....Thanks for the great tutorial.....

  7. Absolutely fell in love with this over at Candy's blog. Brilliant creation. Nicola x


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