Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Triple Trouble: When Pigs Fly!

Happy spring, you guys! Have you ever told yourself that something wonderful you've dreamed of can happen "when pigs fly?" Well, maybe they can! I used Candy Colwell's ingenious challenge-- Metal, Lace and Corrugated-- to whip up some happy little wall art for March. This was such a fun project. I would never have thought to use these three ingredients together, but you know what? They work!

Have you joined the fun yet? There's still time, and we'd love to see how you stretch your creative wings with this Triple Trouble challenge!

Please hop on over to my blog to see how I made this little pig fly. :)



  1. Really a cute idea, Linda. Can't wait to hop over to your blog!!

  2. When pigs fly. Of course!! Off to the blog....

  3. I have been over, your tutorial is excellent and Violet looks amazing (as always!). xx

  4. Of course! A flying pig is just perfect for your project!!


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