Friday, May 27, 2016

Wood, a Word, and Something Wild.... and also Small

Greetings and blessings, my creative friends!

This month's challenge has brought us some fantastic art that we're just WILD about!  I can't tell you how much it thrilled me to see how you all "got it" and put your own creative spin on your projects.  Its just the best fun to put one idea out there and the most eclectic collection of pieces of art are born.

You've inspired me.  And here's where that inspiration took me this time.

This is a mini book I made from playing cards.  I hope you enjoy its pages and can find wood, a word, and something wild on each page.  Hop over to my blog to see more inside the covers.

My sweet friend, Susan Mostek, is bringing us a new challenge for next month on June 3.  Be sure and watch for her post and please join us!  Its so easy to jump in with us.  I promise, you already have everything you need to create along with Creative Carte Blanche.  Be sure and join our Facebook page for more creative encouragement.  We love you all and are looking forward to a fantastic, creative summer with you!!


  1. This super cute idea. Love it! Nice job.

  2. I absolutely did not expect to see such a WONDROUSLY PRECIOUS and FABULOUS creation when I click onto your blog Cheryl. Silly me. OF COURSE I should have expected it.... afterall - your creativity is always ABOVE AND BEYOND. And this time is no exception. Your mini book is INCREDIBLE. It truly touched my heart. Wow. XXj.

  3. I have just been over to see (and enjoy!) your wonderful project Cheryl - such a clever idea and so beautifully executed! x

  4. I have been and looked and commented, it's amazing! I will be posting my (very simple) entry later today or tomorrow. xxx

  5. Such a lovely mini book, Cheryl!
    It definitely reflects the lightness and joy of the process. Love that!
    Claudia x


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