Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Your 'WINGS' already exist...

Hi there...
Yvonne here to share my "WINGED THINGS" for Susan's theme. 
I absolutely love this theme and it really helped feed my soul.  

With all the tragedies going on in the world I have to admit I have not felt like
being very creative.  All this negative energy is horrible. 
As I sat thinking about the theme, I realized that I don't want to let the bad going on in the world dictate what I am doing and what message I am spreading. 
I thought, positive messages, positive thoughts, being positive is my power. 
I am not going to give that up....

If you would like to read more click on over to my blog

Hope to see you over there! 


  1. I love this, Yvonne! I was so hoping you would create something with butterflies! Your quote is so wonderful and appropriate for these days! Keep on doing what you do 'cause it's something special! Love this project!

  2. Oh I do so agree about all the tragedy in the world, it is so hard to concentrate on the 'nicer' things. You have done a wonderful job on this Yvonne, I am off to take a closer look... xx

  3. Beautiful, Yvonne!!! This is so feminine and so your style! Love it!

  4. Beautiful! Very soothing to see beautiful butterflies ... I hear ya ... I'm so over ( I don't even think overwhelmed is the right word for me )... so trying to hold on to some peace !!

  5. Yvonne, this is just fabulous! I love these layers. Off to the blog....


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