Monday, September 5, 2016


Hello and welcome to our September art adventure getting inspiration from 
the God Only Knows Music Video. You can click on the video from our first month's post or click on the red link I have provided.

I am old enough to remember this song by the Beach Boys when it first debuted in 1966.  It was wonderful then and has even more meaning to me today.  In watching this video; you will be filled with sights and sounds that will surely inspire you. 

My creation is a first for me ... an altered playing card.  It was born out of the lyrics and the flashes of color, whimsical flowers and dreamlike clouds throughout the video.

For a complete pictorial tutorial, click HERE to be transported to my blog. 

Throughout the month, my insanely talented and creative cohorts will be posting lovely art interpretations of this music video.  You won't want to miss those!  

I hope that you will link up to our Creative Carte Blanche community and share your inspiration!  We all learn so much from each other and I am always amazed at the beautiful art shared by so many!


  1. I have just been over to see your wonderfully altered playing card - you are such an inspiration! x

  2. I haven't watched the video yet,but I know the song well- being a huge Beach Boys fan!
    I love your playing card Candy! Loving that texture on the earth,looking forward to viewing how you created this! xo

  3. What a great execution of the concept of the video. Very beautiful.


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